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Advanced Multidimensional Personality Matrix
( Abridged )

190 questions, with 90 additional ones, 20-30 min

Are you ready for some serious self-reflection, without the time commitment of the AMPM Revised version? The following test is an overarching assessment of your personality - all the same scales are covered as in the full version, just more succinctly, and with a question format that is quicker and easier to answer. It should really get you thinking about what it means to be you!

The AMPM stands for the 'Advanced Multidimensional Personality Matrix'. It is based on the Five Factor Model credited to Costa, McRae, and Goldberg. Five main factors are covered in the test, which are each broken down further into several more specific elements. Depending on the consistency of your responses, you will be assigned between 190 and 280 questions. We ask the extra follow up questions to ensure that your personality is assessed as accurately as possible.

Following the completion of the AMPM questionnaire, you will receive a detailed personality report, including your scores on the thirty-seven distinct personality traits and a personally tailored advice section.

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