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While there are two broad personality types, Generalist and Specialist, you can also break personality down further. Four are Generalist, including the Trailblazer, Go-Getter, Manager and the Motivator, while three are Specialist, including the Authorities, Collaborators and Diplomats.

Trailblazers are Generalists who are very competitive, ambitious and goal-oriented; so much so that they have a tendency to be aggressive and sometimes take a steamroller approach. They are restless and energetic, a strong drive and a sense of urgency, regardless of the task at hand. They tend to have two speeds: fast and faster. Independent persistent, and decisive, they are not happy unless they're in charge. Most Trailblazers are logical, analytical, practical and realistic. They tend to base decisions on facts rather than feelings, and are calculated risk-takers.

In general, trailblazers are the people who like to start businesses rather than run them. They are usually better leaders than managers, and need to surround themselves with others who can manage the people side of the business. They are not the type who would buy a franchise. Instead, they would set up their own to compete with franchises.

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