Bill Wagner's - The Entrepreneur Next Door

Discover if you have what it takes to join the ranks of successful entrepreneurs. In this interactive book William F. Wagner can shape your destiny. He can tell you which of your traits will catapult you to success, what type of business will let you excel, and which traits will lead to failure if left unchecked. His accurate insights come from years of meticulous research of thousands of successful entrepreneurs. Now he uses that data and an amazingly simple yet accurate online personality test to tell you about yourself and what you can do to be successful. You'll learn how to mimic the behaviors of thriving millionaires and avoid the mistakes of those who've failed.

Wagner does more than tell you about entrepreneurs. He tells you about yourself!


  A complete version of the Entrepreneurial Personality Test with full results is provided absolutely free with each purchaseof the signed copy of The Entrepreneur Next Door.


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