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ARCH Profile

The ARCH Profile Human Resources System offers the latest technological advances in assessment coupled with the expertise of trained psychologists for the most Accurate, Reliable, and Comprehensive Human resources tool available. With ARCH Profile's battery of over 100 assessments at your fingertips, discovering that intangible quality to select, train and retain employees has never been more intuitive.

ARCH Profile is a fully computerized expert assessment system that:

  • Allows you to set standards according to results of your best performers on staff, and use these criteria to select candidates of similar disposition and skills.
  • Tests and assesses individuals - thereby enabling you to select the most suitable applicant
  • Selects existing employees that are "most likely to succeed" in certain endeavors and assists in target training and grooming for future promotion.
  • Provides advice for better hires within your organization.
  • Compiles job specifications and identifies personal qualities and aptitudes for any particular job.

Advantages of using ARCH Profile Assessments:

  • They are standardized and objective; every candidate is treated equally and fairly.
  • Candidates who have good "interview technique" are not unduly advantaged over those with less interview skills, but who might be better suited for the job.
  • They are automatically scored; results of tests can be obtained immediately.
  • They are more reliable, consistent, and error-free than other assessment methods.
  • Statistical research suggests that many aspects of job performance can be accurately predicted from test results.
ARCH Profile can play a very useful role in both the assessment and the development of individuals. It has been proven to be one of the best predictors of job performance when used in the hiring process. Personality traits are difficult to garner from resumes and interviews, and that's where ARCH Profile comes in. ARCH Profile tests can rate anything from straightforward issues such as a person's mathematical ability, to more complex issues, such as a person's ability to cope with pressure, react appropriately to criticism, take calculated risks or motivate others. Why merely stick to an outdated method of hiring when effective new technology is available?

Other uses of ARCH Profile:

The uses of ARCH Profile are not limited to recruitment; it can be applied to your needs in an assortment of ways, including:

  • internal promotion and restructuring
  • career and management development
  • team building
  • employee assistance programs
  • internal climate assessment (including job satisfaction and stress assessment)
  • training needs and outcome analysis

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